Frequently Asked Questions


What is Tarot?

Tarot is a centuries old intuitive tool that uses archetypes and symbolic language via images printed on cards that are used to create meaning and give guidance. There are many styles of tarot reading, and an infinite variety of decks and readers. My approach to tarot is rooted in soul centered inquiry in which I serve as a clear channel to communicate the messages the cards present that are often a reflection your own inner wisdom. 

My specific focus is to work with people who are ready, or already engaged in, a process of deep self knowing, healing, and growth. Through the tarot I am able to help support and guide you in these processes. If you are looking for someone to predict your future or tell you what someone else is thinking I am probably not the right reader for you. 

Can you read my mind? Or tell my fortune?

No. Plain and simple. I am not psychic and do not have the ability to read minds. I utilize my intuition and connection to my spirit guides to bring forward the messages reflected for you in the cards.  

Additionally, I do not use the cards to tell your fortune. Yes/No questions do not work with my style of reading. I choose not to use tarot to predict or diagnose any health, legal or financial issues. Rather, I will provide you with deep information around the energies you are moving through, how to move through them, what you are being invited to release, embrace, and move into. I find that the cards can reflect profound lessons and information surrounding any number of life circumstances so long as you are open to receiving the guidance and doing the work. As my teacher Lindsay Mack always says: "The cards are 'for' you not 'to' you", meaning that they provide information, and reflection for you to consider and work with, but do not predict what will happen to you. For example if card 13, the Death card, comes up in a reading it does not mean that you will die, but that a part of you is ready to transform. 

How do you know you pull the 'right' cards? 

The cards themselves are not magical (they are paper with images printed on them). But magic (which I view as energy or divine spirit) is inside of you and me. The energy and intention that you bring allows the cards to come forward that will reflect the highest and best wisdom for you in your situation. 

I know this sounds vague, and I have struggled how to articulate the 'magic' that happens, but in all my readings for myself and others I have yet to have cards show up that feel anything other than exactly right. 

What deck do you use?




I use the Motherpeace Tarot Deck which was created by Vicki Noble and Karen Vogel in the late 1970's. This round deck uses imagery from multiple pre-patriarchal cultures and uses a feminine lens to view the archetypes of the tarot. 

Additionally, I use the Motherpeace Spread developed by the deck's authors which is similar to the traditional Celtic Cross spread in readings. This spread allows us to look at many facets and aspects of your life and experience as we address the specific questions you have. 

When you schedule your reading through this site, you will be provided with a form to fill out that asks the following questions: Where are you in your life right now? What brings you to this reading? What are areas you would like some clarity in in your life? Do you have a specific intention or question for this reading? Is there anything else you would like me to know?

These questions are helpful for me in preparation for our time together, and it is also useful for you to determine what you are seeking. In addition to thinking about these questions, please come to your appointment well rested, hydrated, fed and free from the influence of any mind altering substances including alcohol. 

What should I do to prepare for a reading?