Kind Words


I have had 3 readings by Zina so far, and plan to continue with my monthly readings because they have all been nothing less than magical! Zina has a gift. She is intuitive, wise, kind, and gracious. Each time I have sat down with her, the reading was inspiring and contained so much truth and guidance. Last time when we finished, I remember saying, “This is just what my soul needed tonight.” And that’s how every reading has been...soothing to my soul and spirit and inspiring to my mind and heart. I highly recommend Zina!
— Bev
Reading with Zina feels like walking into a spiritual home where I am welcomed by a warm fire, good food and someone who not only is willing to listen, but has already done the work of listening before I even came to the door. Her sessions have been grounding touch points in my current life.
— Ash
Last November I had my tarot read by Zina Bennion at a retreat and it remains one of the single most spiritual “seeing” experiences of my adult life. Over and over I said, “of course” and “right on”. The experience was so positive, in fact, that I committed monthly tarot (in addition to a year-ahead spread) readings to my spiritual and business practices and purchased readings for my partner.

Before my initial reading, I felt huge resistance to the concepts and associations of the tarot. But that was then. Zina’s assurance, playful authentic presence is entirely unique and provides both the practice and place to acknowledge my unique hopes, fears, plans, and magic and to have validation and witness as I rise.

Zina’s readings have quickly become an indispensable tool as I design and build my feminine confidence, nourish my primary relationships with my children, boyfriend, and friends, hone my artistic and community focus, and participate in my own spiritual and physical healing.
— Ashley
Working with Zina through tarot readings has helped me embrace change with a positive attitude and an open heart. I have already happily recommended her to several friends and we all agree - she has a unique and special gift.
— Joy
I had the privilege of working with Zina in 2017. Her year long Tarot offering is incredible. Not only is Zina so generous with her time and energy, her readings were spot on every single month. Our calls literally carried me through my year of divorce. With her vast knowledge of the cards and other healing modalities together with her dialed in intuition, Zina gave me the tools and insights I so desperately needed to find hope and resilience during very dark times. Her soothing and wise presence gave me strength and clarity to look at things in a way that I could work with. I wish I could adequately convey the gift that Zina is but I know that any encounter with her says it all. Give yourself this gift!!!
— Kirstin