Moon Circles


Some of the earliest human records show that our ancestors lived in harmony with lunar cycles and used them as not only a calendar but as a powerful tool in their temporal and spiritual work. Lunar living helps rewire our thinking and awareness to a cyclical system instead of linear. Cyclic living allows for the emergence of patterns, the welcoming of the shadow, and transformation through repetition. To learn more about lunar living and patterns read this post.

New Moon Circles

New Moon circles are open to all women 18 and up. Circles usually begin with a guided meditation and proceed with group discussion, and learning. Some circles include ceremony or specific tool teaching to help deepen the experience. These circles are powerful spaces for self reflection, sharing, and transformation. It is a space to learn, share, and grow. Cost is $20 per person per circle. You can purchase a ticket below, just set time zone as Mountain Time and you will be lead to the checkout for a ticket. 

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